Misty Mountain Guide Services

Specializing in drift boat trips on Maine’s top smallmouth bass rivers. Come and enjoy a day of some of the best smallmouth fishing in the East. We are blessed in Maine with many outstanding smallmouth rivers. I concentrate on two of these waterways.

Androscoggin River Kennebec River Guided Drift Boat Trips Rates FAQ's


Full day rate:  $350

Half day rate:  $275

50% deposit required to confirm trip.

Full refund up to 7 days prior to trip.

A full day trip is about 8 hours on the river for one or two people.  I strongly encourage clients to bring their own equipment. You will always be the happiest using your own equipment.  With that said, I can supply anything you might need. We will discuss your needs prior to your trip. A full day trip includes plenty of cold drinks/snacks/lunch.  We can discuss preferences prior to your trip. You will not go away hungry!

Half Day Trips include about four hours of water time for one or two people.  I will supply drinks and snacks.


When you are looking for a guide, you want someone who knows where and when to go find fish. But, you also want someone who makes for a fun day out on the water. Whether it’s how to improve your cast, knowledge about the local area or a funny story about “the one that got away”, Mike’s willingness to share his insights makes your day better on the water better in every way.

~ Greg Childs, Bolton, Massachusetts

I have been fishing with Mike the past three years. We have fished the Magalloway River and the East Outlet for trout and Salmon. We have also Drifted the Kennebec and Androscoggin River for Smallmouth Bass. I have found him to be professional and knowledgeable whether fly fishing or spin fishing. I am looking forward to fishing with him again this year.

~ Brian Diffenbaugh - Howard, Pennsylvania

I have been fishing my entire life, but when Mike is my guide, he shows me techniques and teaches me things I haven’t thought of before. He takes care of everything, all I do is fish! He is consummate professional, who always makes a trip out on the water a good day of fishing.

~ Michael Fraley - Bennington, Vermont