I keep being surprised by my customers’ interest in the new generation of fiberglass fly rod blanks.  This year, I built more fiberglass fly rods for customers than graphite or bamboo.

Fiberglass has been used for fly rod blanks since the late 1940’s.  Fiberglass replaced bamboo, it was a cheap material the mimicked the casting attributes of bamboo.  In the 1970’s graphite rod blanks came on the scene and replaced fiberglass as the preferred material.  Well, around 2013/2014 what is old is new again.  The big rod companies started introducing fiberglass rods back into their lineups.  Which companies you ask?  Well, Orvis, Echo, Thomas and Thomas, Hardy, Redington and Scott to name a few.  New blank companies also appeared on the scene.  Tom Morgan Rodsmiths, Swift Epic, Blue Halo, and some noted Japanese additions like Kabuto and Injuin.

I am 50 years old, and my first fly rod was a fiberglass 7 ½ foot Cortland.  It was a great rod then, and it is a great rod now.  I admit that there is a nostalgia factor at play here, but I suspect there are many who fall into my category.

What do I hear from my customers?  They like the feel of a full flexing rod.  They like playing a fish and feeling the fish down to the rod handle.  They like the way a fiberglass rod loads.  Final thoughts, I agree and think you should check out fiberglass again.  You will be pleasantly surprised!