This picture says it all-we are getting closer to the beginning of open water fishing but, not quite yet. It is time to start organizing all the stuff that was put away last November. Fly boxes need to be assessed for what remains and what was lost. Tie and replace is the name of the game right now. Bring out your rubbermaid boxes(your version of a vehicle go pack) and start looking at what is in them and what is missing from them. Spring fishing is coming up which in Maine could mean snow/cold rain/a stiff breeze/and brilliant sunshine in the course of an hour. So what are the things I am assembling together for the Spring season?

Here we go – Capeline layers tops and bottoms, micro puffy jacket and vest, fleece hat/plus ballcap for under fleece hat, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, Buff, wading staff, liner socks combined with some warm wool socks, fingerless gloves and a gloves to cover those fingers, chest high waders, camera, notebook, big box of nymphs, indicators to go with those nymphs, checking tippet material (fluoro), Clean up fly lines- Organizing for Spring has begun!!!